There are many different types of brokers and ship agents. There are providers in the global marine industry with small family businesses and large providers who can be found in all the major ports throughout the world.

A ship agent is responsible for representing the interests of the owners of charters and ships while they are in port. They provide both advice and assistance. A ship broker is the intermediary between the owners of the ships and the buyers and sellers. The broker will present the details of the business to potential clients and negotiate the terms necessary for a contract. They finalize the details and take the deal to the point of sale. During this process they provide advice and market intelligence.

A ship agent works in conjunction with the port to arrange berths, husbandry services, port services, takes care of the crew and Master, gets ship clearance from the port, prepares and submits required documents and receives and releases the ships cargo. The ships agent is also referred to as a port agent and has numerous roles. They book the ship so it can go in and out of port and arrange any tug boat and pilot services needed. In addition they work with local immigration services regarding passengers and crew and are responsible for the compliance of the ships documentation for international regulations.

The ships agent handles the customs inspection. They are responsible for the quarantine report to provide the details of the crew. They report on the route the ship took and any illness or death that occurred during the voyage. They contact customs once the ship has arrived and report on the cargo, fuel and provisions. A ships agent is in charge of the manifest, terminal operations, shore requirements and the safe handling of any containers. They organize any changes in crew, provide documentation for the immigrants and make sure maintenance and repairs are performed. For more details please visit

A ship broker works for different types of brokerages. An owner broker is hired by the owner of the ship to cargo charters and secure their vessels. They protect the ships owner and negotiate the best possible revenue and terms. A charter broker works for the charterer and is responsible for the tonnage and interests of the cargo. An independent broker provides services to the owners and charterers on a no fee no win basis. A sale and purchase broker represents one individual in the purchasing or selling of secondhand or new tonnage.