What is a Shipping Operations Manager?
A shipping operations manager is someone who ensures shipments are made in a timely manner. They work hard to maintain relationships with vendors and clients and consistently work to resolve any issues that may arrive. Sometimes the position is just referred to as a shipping manager or operations manager.

An operations manager needs to be familiar with all of the concepts, procedures and practices of shipping operations. They need to have leadership skills and be able to direct a team of employees. Managers typically have experience with setting goals and hitting deadlines. Most managers typically report to a department or unit head.

Skill and Education Requirements
For some positions, a bachelor’s degree in the appropriate area will be required. Many colleges and universities offer programs in management. Most schools even allow you to specialize your degree for the industry you will be working in.

On top of a degree, the majority of companies will want you to have several years of experience.

However, a degree is not neccesary to work in shipping operations. In fact, 45 percent of shipping operations managers only have a high school diploma. Without a degree, gaining experience is the best way to work up to managerial status. Many managers begin their careers at the bottom of shipping operations before working up to a management position.

Salary and Benefits
The field of shipping operations can be very lucrative if you land a management position. In fact, the average salary in the United States for a shipping operations manager is more than $70,000. However, some managers make as much as $97,000 per year. On the loewr end, you can expect to make more than $50,000 annually.

A salary is not the only thing you can expect in a managerial position. Most operation managers are offered benefits like paid time off, social security, a 401K account, healthcare and more. With the inclusion of benefits, the average salary of a shipping manager is over $100,000.

Current Shipping Industry
The current industry is strong, with many positions open across the country. The shipping industry is interconnected with many other industries, including aerospace, pharmoseuticals, telecom and more.

The biggest industry for shipping is retail and wholesale. This includes both online and brick-and-mortar retail. If you know you would like to work in shipping within a specific industry, such as telecom, it can be helpful to have or obtain a relevant degree and experience.