With online marketing and advertising at an all time high these days, many companies will hop on the opportunity to promote their products in all sorts of places on the web. Many people are constantly on their phones, which means, inevitably, consumption of apps is booming. Now that you think about it, every other area of the web is filled with ads – blogs, videos, websites, and possibly even articles! Ads are everywhere, and for them to not be in the app store would be odd.

With intellectual property valued at its highest nowadays, you can promote almost anything. Even now, there are ads inside some of the apps themselves, which can be rather annoying for the consumer of the app. According to hochmanconsultants.com, the average cost per click is $2.14, so it’s no wonder online companies will want to hop on the opportunity to gain ad revenue of that amount, and that includes app stores. According to wordstream.com, 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking for an item to buy online, this means that there is definitely a demand for an app store to be flooded with ads – not to mention all the accidental clicks that occur.
My guess is that ads online and in the app store will only increase due to an increasing consumption of apps, and with the supply and demand increasing.
You could see ads anywhere on the app store, next to the app download, further down the page, on the search results, or the home page. My guess it it will be like it is everywhere else on the web, ads in all different corners.
The average person spends 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing social media each day, according to Google, which means the use of these apps in particular is at an all time high too. Also according to Google, in 2016, Facebook, for example, had 1.79 billion active users, which means that app alone is bringing tons of users on the app store to download the Facebook and Facebook Messenger App.

I don’t see a decline in ads anytime soon, be it on the app store, or anywhere else. With the way the market works nowadays, there will be plenty of room for advertisers to come and take a piece of the pie.